Choosing A Paper Shredder

Any business, home or individual can benefit from a paper shredder. The rampant development of fraud, identity theft, and corporate espionage leads to people tightening their security, including monitoring the paper waste they produce. The wide variety of paper shredders in the market can make choosing one a difficult endeavor. We listed a few points to consider when choosing a paper shredder.

Cutting styles. There are two cutting styles: the strip cut and the cross cut. Strip cut shredders provide a lower level of security are more ideal for non sensitive documents. Cross cut shredders are more ideal for high confidential documents. The cross cuts vary in size, the smaller the cut size, the higher the security level. Cross cut shredders also allow for a lower waste volume than strip cut shredders.

Opening width. Some shredders have an opening width large enough for all sizes of legal documents. Some are smaller, so you have to compensate by folding the paper you want to shred before feeding it to the shredder.

Shredding capacity. Some shredders have powerful motors and durable blades that can shred more sheets in one go than those with less powerful motors. If you overload a shredder it has a tendency to whine and groan, jam, and even overheat, so this is an important consideration. The bigger capacity is more expensive, so choose whether to spend more or just be more careful when feeding paper.

Stand alone shredders vs. Integrated units. In most cases, the stand alone shredder is more affordable than those which have integrated waste bins. These shredders can be put on top of either round or rectangular waste baskets when in use. They are sized to fit on top of standard sized bins. Some even have expandable sides so it can accommodate bigger widths.

Shredders that come with their own integrated trash bin or attachment for trash bags are more convenient because you don’t have to worry about the shredded debris, except when you have to empty out the basket. These integrated shredders are also generally more expensive than the stand alone ones. Some integrated units have baskets with windows so you know when to empty it out. Integrated shredders come in all shapes and sizes.

These are just some of the pointers you need to consider before choosing your own paper shredder. The best paper shredder is not necessarily the most expensive, if it meets your needs and does the job and is within your budget, that is the best paper shredder for you.

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